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By Scott Van ZeeMay 16, 2019Blog

Caliber Homes specializes in custom home building and land development in central Iowa. Creative designs, expert project management and industry-leading attention to detail are what set this builder apart. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of working with Caliber Homes and go into detail on what to look for as you choose a lot to build with them.

Why We Work with Caliber Homes

If you’re looking for a builder with a wide range of experience in all facets of residential and commercial real estate, Caliber Homes is a great fit for you. They’re not only a home builder, but have a lengthy resume of multi-family construction work, land development, commercial brokerage and property management as well.

We like working with Caliber Homes because of their diverse skill set. While their building team is working with you to design and construct the home of your dreams, the rental team is at your service to help you secure a convenient and affordable rental for any time you’ll spend in transition while construction is underway.

Caliber’s team works hard to develop lasting relationships with the clients they serve. Acting as a partner rather than merely a service provider, they’ll walk with you through every step of the building process, from design and budgeting to planning and execution. Each client enjoys the services of a designated design consultant, who aides the buyer in choosing the finishes, fixtures and decor that will realize their vision for the home.

Finally, Caliber Homes understands that hiccups occur in nearly every construction project. As such, they have time-tested procedures in place to address and remedy issues as soon as they arise to keep your building project on track and within budget.

What to Look for in a Good Lot for Your Caliber Home

When looking for the right lot for your Caliber Home, it’s a good idea to have a floor plan in mind first, or at the very least, a general idea of the size and layout of the home you intend to build. Your home’s floor plan will weigh heavily on the type of lot you need, and vice versa.

Say, for example, that you’re hoping to live on a cul de sac. While cul de sac lots are traditionally considered more desirable, they also have a unique wedge shape. This means larger houses must be set back further on the lot to accommodate the width of the home, which might not work for all floor plans.

Another scenario involves choosing a lot at the end of a T-shaped intersection. Homes on these lots are subject to lots of headlight traffic from cars using the intersection, so they’re often less expensive than their non-intersection counterparts. If you’re choosing this type of lot, a floor plan with fewer front windows would be ideal.

When it comes to lot size, bigger isn’t necessarily always better; bear in mind that larger lots will require more maintenance, landscaping and lawncare than smaller ones.

How to Find a Lot

The team at Caliber Homes is skilled in helping buyers find the perfect lot. Begin by browsing the available lots listed on the company’s website.

Talk with your builder about what you’re looking for in a neighborhood; consider the atmosphere, location, proximity to amenities, and value. Your Caliber Homes specialist will use this information to suggest a selection of neighborhoods that meet your criteria, and from there, you can narrow down the lot location in the community where you’d like to build.  

Coverage Area

Another consideration when choosing the right lot for your Caliber home is its coverage area. Once again, this is why it’s useful to have your floor plan picked out before you choose a lot, otherwise you may be limited in what you can build.

Residential areas are subject to coverage area restrictions. These guidelines govern how much surface area within a parcel of land can be covered by the structure of the home. So, if your community allows for 25% coverage area, the maximum size home you can build on a 5,000 square foot lot would be 1,250 square feet.

Lot Prices

There are many factors that contribute to a lot’s price: its size, location, slope, natural features and more. But in addition to these obvious factors, don’t neglect to account for costs outside of the up-front price tag, for example the amount you’ll have to pay for debris clearing, leveling and other preparations to get the lot ready to build.

Also, research the real estate taxes in the community where your desired lot is located. This will be a recurring cost for you every year, so it’s important to consider in your search for the ideal lot.

Take a Look at Caliber’s Work

Below are three of Caliber Homes’ most popular models. You can browse all available floor plans on the company’s website.

The Cricket Club

Who said big things couldn’t come in small packages? Though from the outside the Cricket Club may appear compact, inside you’ll find more than 2,100 square feet of living space stacked neatly over two floors.

The first floor features a large great room, spacious kitchen, dining room and office, while the master suite and three additional bedrooms are housed upstairs. The unfinished basement (not factored into the square footage) can be used to expand the space further, with a rec room, storage and opportunity to add a future fifth bedroom.

The Augusta

Those with an eye for European style will appreciate the Augusta, a majestic four bedroom, three-and-a-half bath floor plan laid out over 2,700 square feet.

A sprawling great room opens onto the kitchen and dining area, perfect for long, enjoyable evenings entertaining guests, while a beautiful flex space with ample windows overlooks the street at the front of the home. A patio, garage and master suite complete the first floor, with the remaining three bedrooms housed on the second story.

The Oakmont

Sophistication and modern set the vibe in this cozy ranch style home. The Oakmont offers three bedrooms and two baths in 1,600 square feet with a three-car garage, making it an ideal option for growing families.

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